Jay Sean: Fashion Tips from Abroad

March 22, 2010NewsComments1775 Views

By Souleo. Pop singer and Cash Money signee, Jay Sean has a truly global perspective when it comes to fashion.  The voice behind the megahit single, "Down," has ancestors in India, grew up in the UK and has traveled all across the world as an artist.  In the process Jay has gone through several fashion evolutions.


"My fashion has truly evolved.  7 years ago as an artist I was into ripped jeans, retro attire and bright color T-shirts," he said.


Since then Jay has torn up the ripped jeans in favor of fitted pants and custom shirts.  "Now I wear a blazer and rock it a bit more with a European flavor," he said.


It's that European flavor in his music and fashion that American fans can't seem to resist.  JimmyJazz.com linked up with the star to get his tips on perfecting the "Jay Sean" look.


One:  Kicks!  I'm into kicks like crazy.  I must have hundreds of pairs in my house.  I love Creative Recreation, Passport, Green Genius, Nike, Puma, and Reebok's new line of streetwear stuff.


Two:  Accessories!  You can't go O.T.T. (over the top).  It's about the little things like chains, watches or beads.  I like the simple tasteful bits.  My watch is my favorite accessory.  It's the Breitling Bentley which is customized with the ice.


Three:  It's all about how things fit.  It doesn't need to be designer.  It's all about the cut and the way it drops.  One of the first conversations I had with Cash Money is them telling me how much they like the way I dress and my European style.  Since then I've started to notice a few European stores popping up in America like Zaro and Energy.



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March 22, 2010NewsComments1775 Views