Jay-Z, Beyonce give the final push for Obama

November 5, 2012NewsComments
Jay-Z, Beyonce give the final push for Obama

Mega couple Beyonce and Jay-Z have continued to show their support for President Obama throughout the presidential campaign this year. Now that the election is just one day away, the duo are working hard in Obama's honor to try and rock the vote in his direction. The Associated Press reports Obama is in the final stretch of his campaign and he's trying to make one of his last stops in Ohio something to remember.

Jay will be joining Bruce Springsteen and Obama on November 5, the last day before voters head to the poll on November 6. Us Weekly reports Springsteen will start the day with Obama at a rally in Madison, Wisconsin, and the two will then meet up with Jay at a rally in Ohio. From there the president and Springsteen will head to the final rally of the campaign in Des Moines, Iowa, where first lady Michelle will be waiting. Obama and his wife will then head to their home city of Chicago where they'll remain during Election Day on Tuesday.

Although Beyonce may not be performing in support of the president, she has been making her vote known via her women's clothes and accessories. Bey has been seen at recent events including the Brooklyn Nets home opener game wearing specially designed "Obama" hoop earrings, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The stylish hoops were created by Puerto Rican jewelry designer Erika Pena - she had originally made just one pair for herself, but was bombarded with requests during travels. She then made 2,000 pairs in gold and silver varieties and put the earrings on her website. Pena and her associate Yara Montanez had worked with Bey's stylist Ty Hunter in the past and decided to send her a pair, the singer has been wearing them non-stop ever since. Although Pena is delighted to have Bey rocking her earrings, there is one celebrity she hopes will one day wear them as well - the first lady.

"We have purposely made some that are smaller and more sophisticated like Michelle's style," Montanez told the news source. "We would all die, literally die, if the First Lady wore a pair."

Whether voting for Obama or not, everyone should get out and vote on November 6, to speak their voices.

Are you voting for Obama or do you think the nation needs a change like Mitt Romney? Are you going to vote at all?

November 5, 2012NewsComments