Jay-Z creates his own documentary

December 7, 2012NewsComments274 Views
Jay-Z creates his own documentary

Jay-Z is no stranger to sharing the spotlight with his equally (if not more) famous wife Beyonce. In the wake of Bey's announcement that she's filming a documentary based on her life, Jay decided to make one of his own.

BET reports the rapper recently released a 24-minute documentary special on his website, Life & Times, that gives a glimpse of where he came from in New York City and how he prepared for his shows at the then-newly opening Brooklyn Barclays Center. "Where I'm From" features the Brooklyn-born-and-raised MC taking the subway and talking to everyday people as well as him seeing the construction being done on Barclays.

In one scene on the subway, Jay sits down next to an older woman named Ellen and she asks him if he's famous.

Jay replied, "Yes, not very famous, you don't know me... but I'll get there someday." He then tells her he's heading to Barclays to perform.

Ellen offers her support saying, "I'm proud of you."

The documentary is a mix of flashiness and tenderness, showing off how proud Jay is that he was able to bring something good back to his borough. Fans of Jay-Z who want to view the entire piece can check out the footage on his website.

Will you watch Jay's documentary? Will you watch Beyonce's on February 16?

December 7, 2012NewsComments274 Views