Jay-Z crushing on Nia Long

July 16, 2012NewsComments576 Views
Jay-Z crushing on Nia Long

Jay-Z may be married to the world's most beautiful woman, but that doesn't stop him from having a few celebrity crushes. Essence Magazine recently interviewed actress Nia Long and she revealed Jay has been crushing on her for years.

According to the news outlet, Long opened up about meeting Jay at a mutual friend's party and how she went over to him to congratulate him on his longstanding rap career and to tell him she was a fan. She was surprised when he in return complimented her.

"I saw him at a party and I complimented him on his long run in music," Long told the publication. "But he turned it around and asked me: 'How does it feel to be every boy from the hood's fantasy girlfriend for 20 years?' It made me laugh, I hadn't really thought about it."

Long, although flattered, is in a committed relationship with basketball player Ime Udoka, while Jay is doing pretty well in the love department himself. One aspect of these professionals' lives that differ is that Long is in no rush to marry her longtime love, despite having a child with him.

"I don't feel less loved or less loving because I'm not married. Marriage is not a priority for me," Long told Essence. "I'm not saying I'll never do it, It's just not where we are as a family… It had been a minute since I had an infant and I had to get back into the rhythm of being a new mom. I really enjoyed having the space to do that at my own pace."

The Grio reports Long has gotten some backlash for her recent Essence cover shoot - which features the actress with her two sons - one with Udoka, one from a previous relationship. Some people out there felt it was inappropriate to have a single mother on the cover, while others found the spread beautiful.

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July 16, 2012NewsComments576 Views