Jay-Z, Kanye get painted like royalty

June 14, 2012NewsComments294 Views
Jay-Z, Kanye get painted like royalty

Fans of Jay-Z, Kanye West or Diddy may already view the rappers as royalty within the rap game. However, one artist decided to make these ideas come to life. BET reports Los Angeles-based street artist KAI recently presented his new artwork titled the "Now Royalty" collection featuring big name rappers dressed in medieval garb - a far cry from their typical hip hop clothes.

According to the news outlet, Diddy, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Eminem and Drake are all painted as members of a royal court with bits of modern vibes mixed in the background.

Dazed Digital reports KAI has previously gained notoriety for his street installations including his "anti-advertising" campaign for Marlboro, in which he painted the famous cigarette boxes with the word "Morons" instead of Marlboro. He added that he's glad to take his work in a different direction this time around. 

"I'm happy I got to show another side to my art," KAI told the news outlet. "While I am known for my street art, I was mentored to appreciate art history and all forms of art, including classical painting. I am not a one-dimensional artist and I challenge myself to work in many different forms and mediums."

The recent collection is the first solo show for KAI and he's excited the paintings will show a different side of him and a new outlook on what he can do.

"I guess the "Now Royalty" collection brought my art into a new light, which is going to be fun and will be interesting to see what happens," KAI told the publication. "I hope it will open some creative doors for me. I just want to keep going back in the studio and create more work. Whatever comes of it, I'll be thankful for."

KAI may have some new success if the men he painted have anything to say about it. Fans who want to dress like their favorite rappers in today's clothing should purchase snapback caps in their favorite teams such as the New Era Los Angeles Kings NHL Snapback Cap.  

June 14, 2012NewsComments294 Views