Jay-Z rocks sandals - would you?

April 5, 2012NewsComments336 Views

When most people think about hip hop clothes, sandals don't typically come to mind. However, with summer fast approaching, more rappers within the industry have ditched the sneaker stores in exchange for breathable footwear, EBONY Magazine reports.

According to the source, big time rappers like Jay-Z have been risking their street cred by wearing sandals out in public. However, Jay isn't wearing your grandma's sandals, instead these big names are opting to rock comfortable and cool leather sandals that are fit for a king.

Although this trend may not be for everyone, it may be worth a try when the weather climbs well above comfortable.

AskMen.com recently declared Jay a fashion icon, calling the rapper turned businessman "an influential trendsetter in both the music and fashion industry."

Jay tells the website that the key to dressing well is wearing clothing that is age appropriate as well as knowing how to recycle trends.

"I don't wear jerseys, I'm 30 plus," Jay told the news outlet. "Give me a crisp pair of jeans... [and a] button-up."

The report also muses that the looks in his Rocawear collections tend to be timeless pieces that are not too flashy, but that fit men right and help them look put together.


April 5, 2012NewsComments336 Views