JizzleJazzle's Horoscope August 12 – August 18, 2011

August 11, 2011NewsComments147 Views

Let's jump to it.


Aries, Leo and Sagittarius:

Usually thinking things over is exactly what I tell you since I know how irrational you can be. But this week don't think anything over. Well, expect your choice in eye shadow.


Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo:

It's time to define where you are going professionally. It appears that you've hit the glass ceiling, which is kinda hard when you're usually on your knees on the floor underneath your boss' desk.


Libra, Aquarius and Gemini:

You need to better balance work and play. And by play, playing with yourself doesn't count.


Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces:

Your insight into what's real and what isn't is on the mark this week. So use it to burst a few silicones, I mean bubbles.


I'm JizzleJazzle and remember don't be good, be fabulous.


August 11, 2011NewsComments147 Views