JizzleJazzle's Horoscope October 8 - 14, 2010

October 9, 2010NewsComments120 Views

Another week.  Another dose of the truth.  Boss folks, devils, egotistical ones and the fearful be warned.


Aries, Leo and Sagittarius:

It's time to chill out and stop being such a bossy pants.  Sometimes it's good just to sit back and let someone else do all the work.  Just make sure you don't forget to take all the credit when they're done.


Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo:

The devil called and he wants his horns back.  You've been nothing but a terror this week.  You're rude, obnoxious and downright crude and that's only when someone says good morning to you.  So take the pitchfork out your behind and lighten up.

Libra, Aquarius and Gemini:

Your ego is so large, Kanye West runs and curls up in a corner every time he senses your presence drawing near.  Let's get a few things straight you'll never make little children scream like Michael Jackson (uhm, I mean that in the best way possible); you will never get anyone to believe you're holier than Mother Teresa (thanks to the trail of one night stands); and the only way anyone will believe that big booty is yours is if it personally self-identified itself with voice recognition software.  Oh wait, this isn't a post about Kim Kardashian, is it?

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces:

Sometimes you need to stay in your own lane even if it leads to a dead end down a dirt road and over a cliff.  Okay, perhaps you shouldn't drive when you're drunk but what I'm really saying is don't be afraid to take a risk and do you.


I'm JizzleJazzle and remember don't be good, be fabulous.


October 9, 2010NewsComments120 Views