Jonathan Butler: How to Look Good at Any Age

June 21, 2010NewsComments

By Souleo. Tina Turner.  Cher.  Natalie Cole.  These are the names of the fabulous over 50 women in the music industry.  But who is holding it down for the men?  Well one of them is veteran Grammy nominated South African singer-songwriter, Jonathan ButlerJonathan returns with his new release, So Strong following a rough year that saw his wife battle cancer and the loss of his close friend and fellow musician, Wayman Tisdale.  The stress hasn't taken a toll on his health or looks as he has his family to thank for helping to maintain his physical appearance as he prepares to hit 50 in a year.

"I have three women in my house who will tell me if I look like crap.  My wife doesn't want me to eat the skin on the chicken.  So they keep me healthy by eating fish and sushi and working out," he said.

While his family keeps his health in check, Jonathan has a few tips for middle aged men on how to be stylish at any age.

"I am what my kids call a metrosexual.  I love nice shoes and jeans and good clothes.  Older men can't be afraid to look good.  I say buy something good today that will last forever and that means not too many wild shirts-tone it down a little.  My closet is full of stuff from 10 or 20 years ago that is still hip today.  So as far as image goes you got to take care of yourself."

For Jonathan taking care of yourself also means preserving a positive and upbeat outlook on life as one gets older.  Jonathan jokingly reflects on the fact that even though he will be 50 soon, deep down he still feels like a child.

"It's funny.  I'm like a kid.  How can you be 50 and stupid?  I'm wearing flip flops now, a red shirt and jeans hanging down my waist.  What's this 50 stuff?"

It's that young at heart spirit that will keep you looking and feeling stylish at any age.

Check out Jonathan's performance of "So Strong" on Fox 5 Morning News in Washington, D.C. here:

June 21, 2010NewsComments