Josh Milan Puts Lil’ Wayne’s Music on Blast

July 14, 2010NewsComments

By Souleo. Josh Milan made a name for himself by becoming one of house music's most successful artists with his band, Blaze.  Their music is known for its deep spiritual, gospel, soul and Afrobeat influences with positive lyrics.  Josh aims to now carry on that tradition as CEO of his new label, Honey Comb Music after realizing that today's music scene is lacking enough constructive messages for today's youth.



"I hate to call names but Lil' Wayne is great but I don't want my children singing his songs because they won't edify my child's life.  I haven't heard anything positive in his music at all that really speaks to our children where they are and how they can better themselves.  He's a hero for going to jail especially with the gangster thing and I won't accept that.  Do we really want that for our kids?"

Lil' Wayne isn't the only rap star whose music and influence Josh is concerned about.  After witnessing the wild behavior of fans at Detroit's recent Summer Jam concert he is convinced that there needs to be greater responsibility across the board.


"I was in Detroit recently and they had Summer Jam.  Stars like Lloyd Banks and Trina were in the same hotel as me.  These teenagers were there willing to do whatever these artists told them to do.  This is our children doing God knows what.  So I do feel a responsibility as an artist and executive to put out positive music about everyday situations," he said.


To meet that goal Honey Comb Music's first release will be a compilation CD featuring eight artists, all performing songs written and produced by Josh.  Featured on the set are ChinahBlac, Sandra St. Victor, Lamone, Honey Sweet, Don Corey Washington, T'zelle, Crystal Johnson and Alexis P. Suter.


July 14, 2010NewsComments