Joy Deja King’s 5 Things Every Bad Chick Must Have

July 2, 2012Comments149 Views

Not every bad chick can lay claim to being the #1 ESSENCE Bestselling Author seven months straight in 2009 but Joy Deja King is a rare exception. She has published 17 books, established a legion of fans and managed to create her own publishing company, A King Productions.


Finally she is ready to start another chapter of her life by entering the music industry. Her new mixtape called "Boss Bitch Music" drops this summer. So we asked her to name the 5 things every bad chick must have. Check it all out after the drop.



Power of the scent

Every bad chick must wear an intoxicating scent. My favorite is Love In Black by Creed. If you want to make yourself completely irresistible from just a whiff it's important to layer. First I lather my skin with a lotion called Bombshell by Victoria Secret. Then I follow up with the perfume of the same name. I top it off with Love In Black by Creed and for the rest of the day I'm set.



The shorter the better

It's summertime so of course all bad chicks have to rock a pair of short shorts. I recommend the Essentials coated sexy shorts. I would pair it with your favorite T-shirt and wear flip flops for a casual daytime look. If you want to make every man drool and every woman want to be you, rock some sexy stilettos that highlight your toned legs.



Stunna shades

3) You definitely can't be a bad chick without a great pair of sunglasses. My favorite is the shield frame with Swarovski crystals by Bvlgari. But you can never go wrong with a pair of huge frame movie star sunglasses made popular by Chanel. Whichever style you choose just make sure it compliments your face, shape and outfit.



Be kissable

4) Even if you're not a makeup girl every bad chick has to make sure her lips are on point. I love Lustreglass Wonderstruck by Mac. The clear Lipglass by Mac is also super sexy on the lips because it makes them shine. Whatever color you decide just remember a bad chick's lips always look kissable.


Work the swimsuit

5) Finally, every bad chick has to be beach ready. That means having the perfect swimsuit to showcase your bad chick body. I recommend the Roc-a-wear Studs Trim Monokini .

Check out the behind the scenes footage of Joy Deja King's forthcoming mixtape single "I'm The Bomb" featuring Ca$h Out:

July 2, 2012Comments149 Views