Joya Bravo: Individuality with No Limit

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By Souleo. Good luck categorizing, Joya Bravo.  With a self-description such as singer-songwriter, violinist and rapper Joya is an electric firecracker bursting past musical classifications with her creative look and sonic fusion of electronica, hip-hop, pop, rock and soul.  From Grammy Award winning group, The Roots to Estelle and now McDonald's (she's featured in their Dollar Van commercials) the scene is cheering: Bravo.

Jimmy Jazz heard it all loud and clear and has answered back with Joya as our new featured model in Outfits by Stylist.  Read on to discover Joya's rebellious nature that landed her in jail thrice, her plans to become Quentin Tarantino's "muse," the focus on individuality that informs her musical passion and more.

She was a rebel without a cause:

I was not a normal suburban kid.  I was a Jamaican Black girl, who played the violin, listened to grunge and classical music and was actually cool with everyone and no one simultaneously.  I grew up alone because I felt I couldn't be myself around others.  No one understood me and I didn't understand myself.    I went through an angry stage of challenging people and authority.  4 tattoos, 13 piercings and 3 jail sentences later; I've realized that none of that s*** mattered.


She's got one hell of an eclectic bucket list of things to accomplish:

I'll have a hit album or EP in every genre and/or language.  I have a thing for learning new languages and cultures.  Vocabulary turns me on.  After that, I will become Quentin Tarantino's muse "it-girl" for action films.  I'll open some sort of creative house/program for young gifted students.  Then I'll move to some country and open a wildlife reserve.

She fearlessly, relentlessly, wholeheartedly believes in herself:

I had to learn how to step way outside of my comfort zone which made me grow further.  I had to realize that in order to make my dreams come into fruition, I had to trust in the most high and have absolute faith in my own abilities, as opposed to living in fear or investing my stock in anyone else.  I learned that the best way to find yourself is by being yourself at first and through your spiritual connection with the entity you put your stock in.  Fear is the greatest killer, because it literally stops you from living.  Screw your ego and just be great.

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June 16, 2010NewsComments116 Views