Juicy J celebrates 'Stay Trippy'

August 29, 2013Comments
Juicy J celebrates 'Stay Trippy'

After Juicy J's much-hyped studio album "Stay Trippy" was finally released, the suspension ended and fans finally got a taste of the hip hop artists's latest sounds.

According to The Source, he celebrated the launch at the Jazz Bar in Manhattan, where he was greeted by a multitude of media and record label representatives. Some of Juicy's peers also popped by to surprise the rapper, including ASAP Rocky and Wiz Khalifa, who showed up with new wife Amber Rose. Weezy presented Juicy J with a plaque for selling over a million copies of his hit single, "Bandz A Make Her Dance." Publisher Londell McMillion also gave the performer a blown-up, framed copy of his recent Power 30 cover.

The MC certainly deserves the acclaim and support considering his dedication - the rapper seems to live by Khalifa's "Work Hard, Play Hard" mentality. Billboard reported that Juicy has even been known to work through the holidays and refuse vacation time to finish his songs.

"Juicy records anywhere, anytime - in his hotel room, on a tour bus, backstage right before he goes onstage, in between interviews," says his manager Will Dzombak, as quoted by the source.

So what do you think - has the hard work paid off?

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August 29, 2013Comments