Kanye remixes 'Canyons' movie trailer

August 22, 2013Comments121 Views
Kanye remixes 'Canyons' movie trailer

Kanye West isn't satisfied simply being a rapper, producer, urban fashion designer and film director - the hip hop renaissance man wants to start a creative collective, too.

In January of last year, West sent out a multitude of tweets regarding his plan to establish an agency called DONDA - which would include more than 22 different departments headed by experts in their fields, according to Vibe. Members would include lawyers, architects, nutritionists, doctors and video game developers, among other professionals.

"We want to create, advertise and produce products driven equally by emotional want and utilitarian need," West tweeted, as quoted by the source.

He's aiming high with his goals for DONDA, too. Vibe noted that he's not just trying to rake in some bills or boost his status, he plans to change the world. However, this idea isn't out of nowhere - Kanye reportedly discussed creating art installations during a New Zealand press conference for 808s & Heartbreak, and mentioned getting involved in amusement parks four years later.

West is already making progress, according to Global Grind. The news outlet revealed that he recently released a new version of the "Canyons" movie trailer, calling it the DONDA remix. The artist collaborated with Noah Goldstein on the project.

So is Kanye's big DONDA dream realistic?

August 22, 2013Comments121 Views