Is Kanye's Next Album Spoken Word?

April 30, 2014Comments188 Views
Is Kanye's Next Album Spoken Word?

Ever since Kanye West announced he was already working on his next album - and postponed a few dates on his Australian tour - there have been a ton of rumors surrounding the "Yeezus" follow-up.

Fans are still wondering what to expect from the rapper - and a recent report from XXL magazine revealed that his next project will be spoken word. According to the news source, the three-hour recording will feature him discussing an array of different topics, including his relationship with Kim Kardashian and their daughter, North.

If three hours isn't enough Yeezy ranting for you - don't worry. Complex magazine reported that Contact Music has said a 24-hour-long special edition of the album may also be released.

 "…[Kanye] loves the sound of his own voice and this will be the ultimate in self-indulgence," a source told XXL. "He has very strong views from music and art to politics and the environment. He's forever recording his opinions on tape."

Would you want to listen to three hours of 'Ye's thoughts?

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April 30, 2014Comments188 Views