Karlie Redd tries to shed her bad girl image

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Karlie Redd tries to shed her bad girl image

The series "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" has seen its ups and downs both in relationship news and in career changes among the women. BET reports Karlie Redd, the woman on the show known for sparking drama, is now trying to change her image for the better. She admits her life isn't all about causing problems, buying hip hop clothes and fighting, and she's ready to market herself in a new light.

According to the news outlet, Redd is using her newfound fame to try and launch her music career as well as raise funds for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. The charity is near and dear to her heart as three of her loved ones passed due to cancer.

"Cancer hits very close to home for me. Three of my family members died from cancer. And one of the people that works for my company, Redd Remy Hair, her mother died from pancreatic cancer," Redd told the news outlet. "How the charity works is that we do events to help promote my Redd Remy Hair line, to get people talking about the hair. Whatever sales we make at the event, we give a percentage to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, which encourages additional research, increases awareness, and provides support to families coping with loved ones who have cancer." 

Although she's trying to change her wild girl attitude to better market her "brand" going forward, some say Redd will always be known for her dramatic approach. Redd takes this with a grain of salt, saying at least people are being entertained by her and she's sticking in their mind.

"Nowadays, in the entertainment industry, you have to have a buzz. You can be signed to a label and don't have a buzz and no one knows about you," Redd told the publication. "No one hears that song. But people are watching the TV show. They can hear my music, and I move on from there. And I can create a buzz."

One feud that is certainly going to get her plenty of air time this season is that between Redd and fellow star Michelle. TaleTela.com reports the two have been engaged in a Twitter battle for the past few months with no end in sight.

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July 10, 2012NewsComments123 Views