Kelly Rowland: New face of 'X-Factor'?

April 19, 2013NewsComments143 Views
Kelly Rowland: New face of 'X-Factor'?

It's no secret that singer Kelly Rowland is talented - she's made a name for herself both in the girl power group Destiny's Child and as a solo artist. Now, it seems she may be looking to put her vast music knowledge to good use.

A source recently divulged to the Daily Mail that Simon Cowell, who stars on the American version of "X-Factor," is looking to cast Rowland as a judge on the show to replace Britney Spears. If the rumor is true, Rowland should have no trouble falling into place - she acted as a judge on the U.K. version of the show before being replaced by former Pussy Cat Dolls crooner Nicole Scherzinger.

Rowland, who judged on the show in 2011,  left on mixed terms. According to the news outlet, Rowland got sick during the series and flew home to the States for treatment - something the bigwigs at the television station were less than impressed with. Despite the controversy, Rowland sent fans a heartfelt message prior to her departure.

"I love the U.K. and being part of the show last year. Mentoring the girls was such an incredible experience I will never forget," Rowland told fans in a statement. "I would like to thank Simon for the great opportunity and asking me to be a judge last season."

It seems throwing Cowell's name in the apology could have helped her land a second chance at the show in America. Even though Rowland could by vying for Spears' position, word on who will replace fellow judge L.A. Reid in still undetermined. Maybe Paula Abdul is available? 

Rowland has stayed mum on the subject of the show, but has opened up about her latest album. Entertainment Weekly reports the singer's, "Talk A Good Game," is set to drop June 4. She added she's enlisted the help of former bandmates Beyonce Knowles and Michelle Williams to lend their voices on a few tracks.

Do you think Rowland will head back to "X-Factor"?

April 19, 2013NewsComments143 Views