Kendrick Lamar tries to promote balance within the modeling industry

March 5, 2013NewsComments
Kendrick Lamar tries to promote balance within the modeling industry

Young rapper Kendrick Lamar is having much success thanks to his debut album, "good kid m.A.A.d city." However, his most recent reason for making headlines has less to do about his music and more about creating equality within the industry.

Lamar recently spoke with Miss Info on her website about the lack of dark women in music videos and print campaigns. He and his team had originally cast a lighter-skinned model as his love interest in his new video "Poetic Justice," but he quickly changed his mind and instead cast a darker beauty.

"... It's almost like a color blind industry where there's only one type of appeal to the camera. It was a girl on set and I said, 'Ask her,'" Lamar told the news outlet in reference to the model's opinion of the industry.

After the interview, Lamar took to his Twitter account to clear up any misconceptions of the interview, writing the issue is not black versus white, but rather "balance."

"When u put the term light 'Vs' dark continues it as a BATTLE. My point 4 poetic was to spark the idea of making it an EQUAL [sic]," Lamar tweeted.

The idea of adding more balance to the modeling industry has been in the news as of late. Many are outraged by French magazine Numero's decision to use body paint to transform a white model into a darker image for a spread dubbed, "African Queen."

The publication responded to the backlash via an open letter posted on the Huffington Post. Representatives claim they let the photographer have complete control of the shoot and that it was meant to showcase the "Middle Eastern and Moroccan fashion inspiration." 

Do you think Lamar is right to stand up against model inequality? Do you think African American models are fairly represented within the industry?

March 5, 2013NewsComments