Kevan Hall dresses them all

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Kevan Hall dresses them all

Many ladies out there might think their favorite celebs dress themselves, but in reality, behind any fashionable star is a fabulous designer. For Vanessa Williams, the secret to her fashion success is thanks in part to designer Kevan Hall. Essence Magazine recently spoke to the designer about working with his muse for so long and how he makes Williams and countless other stars look on-point every time.

Hall told the magazine that he has been styling Williams since he first met her back in 2003. He dressed her for Arnold Schwarzenegger's inauguration as California's 38th governor.

Since their first meeting, these two fabulous people have been inseparable and Williams is quick to credit Hall for putting her in the best urban clothes and glamorous gowns.

"Kevan's dresses are always a combination of luxury, ease and uniqueness," Williams told the magazine. "His range is huge and he's always willing to shape the garment to fit the mood and, most importantly, it fits the person wearing it."

Although these two seem to be partners in crime, Hall has quite an elite list of clientele and he told he's been into fashion from a young age. Hall added that he started drawing sketches in his Detroit home at the tender age of 7.

"I'd see Diana Ross on the Ed Sullivan show, and I'd fantasize about designing for gorgeous women," Hall told the news source. "Now I've dressed Diana and her daughters and so many other beautiful ladies."

Some of his other gorgeous A-list clients include Katherine Heigl, Taraji P. Henson and "Precious" star Gabourey Sibide.

According to the source, Hall honed in on his designing skills while working for Halston, a well-known luxury clothing brand. He admits, the best and worst part of his job is creating beautiful red carpet gowns for the biggest names in the industry.

"You're competing with the best designers in the world. During the awards season, they fly into town like locusts," Hall said on the nerve-racking experience. "I feel very blessed that I’ve gotten to work with so many wonderful actresses. When I’m working on a dress, I know you need to create something that’s going to make a lasting impression. Because these images last forever. And you want your actress to feel beautiful. She needs to feel good in it."

Most ladies out there don't have the luxury of being dressed by famed designers, but that doesn't mean they still can't look fly. Women can instead look to the magazines to find pictures of their favorite stars and then check online or in stores for similar women's urban clothes for less. 

April 5, 2012NewsComments260 Views