Kevin Rudolf: Beyond the Surface

May 10, 2010NewsComments

By Souleo. If you think you know producer, songwriter and artist Kevin Rudolf, well, think again.  As part of Cash Money Records he skyrocketed to fame with the club anthem, "Let it Rock," feat. Lil' Wayne.  Still, Kevin wants listeners to know that there is more to him than meets the ear; case in point being the underlying message of his megahit.


"I think 'Let it Rock' is really deep.  It came out and people thought it was only a club record 'cause of the beat but I was talking about my life in that song.  I didn't have anything going on when I made the song and I was trying to make it and find my way.  I was talking about hypocrisy and wanting to be the truth," he revealed.


Kevin is intent on making sure that listeners hear the truth on his upcoming sophomore release, To the Sky. To accomplish the goal Kevin is expanding his production and showing more of his musical diversity.


"I'm really versatile and this new album reflects that.  It's almost like a Prince album where nothing necessarily fits together.  It's based on whatever you feel and the thing in common is great songs that mean something," he said.


Kevin is hoping that it's the message of those "great songs," such as his hit new single, "I Made It," featuring Lil' Wayne, Birdman and Jay Sean that people will pay more attention to from now on.


"The pop stuff is great and I love making beats and fun sounding records.  But lyrically I am always in a deeper lane than most of the stuff on the radio.  There is always more going on than what's on the surface."


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May 10, 2010NewsComments