Khia is Baaaaccckkk and Looking for Love!

March 25, 2010NewsComments113 Views

By Souleo. So exactly what does a woman known for her verbal smackdowns, sexually explicit lyrics and take-no-prisoners attitude do when she's single after a ten year marriage?  Well if you're Khia you don't sit at home eating away your sorrows with Ben & Jerry's ice cream; you hop right back on the scene and start hunting!  Such is exactly what Khia is doing as she promotes her single "Been a Bad Girl," from her forthcoming album, Motor Mouf A.K.A. Khia Shamone.


"I'm excited!  I feel like a girl in the candy store.  When you're used to someone so long it is different but I always like new experiences.  I enjoy people and I'm just having fun," she said.


Khia even has a few sex and dating tips that she's ready to share with JimmyJazz.com readers:


One:  Love Yourself!


"A man will only see you how see yourself; so love yourself and you will only get love in return!"


Two:  Work it!


"Size doesn't matter.  You just gotta work it and you gotta have fun.  I work it on top!"


Three:  Bad is Good, or is it?!


"Stay away from bad boys even though I love them.  They are trouble but what's life without a little trouble?"



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March 25, 2010NewsComments113 Views