Kimora Lee Simmons is at it again

May 1, 2012NewsComments192 Views
Kimora Lee Simmons is at it again

Kimora Lee Simmons may seem like she already has it all - a successful women's urban clothing line, three wonderful children and a television show. However, the mega mogul recently announced she is embarking on a new path - creating a skin care line.

BET reports Simmons has developed her new line, Shinto Clinical, alongside New York dermatologist Dr. Eric Schweiger. The products, including an anti-aging peptide cleanser and toner, a microdermabrasion cream and pore concealer and treatment will be available on QVC as well is in major department stores nationwide.

According to the source, Simmons combined her own family's anti-aging secrets with "bioactive technology used in Western practices."

"As a woman, I'm proud to take those traditions and combine them with clinically proven science to create an ultra-luxurious skincare line for all women," Simmons told the news source. "I am humbled to be able to bring this hybrid of ancient and modern skincare to women of all complexions and cultures."

Aside from this new endeavor, Simmons also continues to rule the fashion world while also taking time to be a hands-on parent. Stylist.com reports that when it comes to teaching her two daughters Ming and Aoki about beauty, it starts with brushing their teeth.

"I want them to floss their teeth. When I hover, they floss them wonderfully," Simmons told the source. "I mean, I hear them brushing their teeth and I yell, 'You better be flossing.' They tell me they do, but I don't know...."

Simmons' daughters with ex-husband Russell Simmons have also already gotten their feet into the fashion world and it's something Simmons [the businesswoman] is certainly proud of.

"They've done capsule collections, but now they want to talk about a line and how to do it properly," Simmons told the source of her daughters' goals. "They've grown up on the runway, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that they share my ambitions." 

May 1, 2012NewsComments192 Views