Laila Ali completes triathlon

July 18, 2012NewsComments
Laila Ali completes triathlon

Laila Ali may have already accomplished a lot in her life, including earning a Super Middleweight Champion title, but she recently crossed off another goal from her list. BET reports the boxer, mother and famous daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, just completed her first triathlon.

Ali revealed she has been trying to shed the last of her baby weight - she gained 40 pounds carrying daughter Sydney, born in April 2011, the news outlet reports. She saw setting a goal of doing the New York City triathlon as the motivation she needed to get back to her fighting weight. The goal was a hard one as the triathlon consisted of a 1.5k swim, a 40k bike ride and a 10k run.

The professional boxer spoke to The Huffington Post about training and why she stayed so motivated throughout the struggles.

"I gained about 40 pounds with my second pregnancy. I have gotten most of the weight off but the last 10 is a challenge because I live to eat!" Ali told the news source. "I figured all the running and swimming would get the last bit off."

She added she's always been a runner, but the other two components of training were a bit of a struggle, though she switched up her workouts to feel confident in all fields.

"I have always incorporated running into my workouts, but not swimming and biking," Ali told the publication. "Sometimes I focused on distance or time and other times I did interval or brick training."

Ali documented this and her previous weight-loss workouts on her Facebook page for her fans to see. Ali announced her "Get Fit" plan to lose 25 to 30 pounds just one month after giving birth. On her page she describes her fitness and diet plans to encourage others to try to get healthy along with her.

"I'm going to be posting my meal routines, workout plans, cooking tips and photos of myself to show my progress," Ali said in a YouTube video to her fans, according to BET.

She also goes on Facebook each Sunday for an hour to answer any questions people have about getting in shape and to share stories and struggles with people going through similar situations. Now the proud mama of two can enjoy all she's accomplished by rocking the summer's hottest women's urban clothes during date night with her hubby.

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July 18, 2012NewsComments