LeBron gives rapping a shot

December 16, 2013Comments278 Views
LeBron gives rapping a shot

LeBron James has had an impressive career: Olympic Gold Medalist, two-time NBA Champion and nine time All-Star - and now you might be able to add rapper to the list.

He may not have an actual album in the works yet, but the basketball pro is definitely dabbling in some rhyming. He recently posted a video on Instagram of him spitting a few lines for his fans.

"Two young ones now/you know I can't let 'em down/Striving for greatness 'til all 3 of wear a crown," he rapped.

Whether or not he's ready to make the transition into music, he's already giving acting a try. In fact, he signed on to co-star in an upcoming basketball film with comedian Kevin Hart.

What do you think: Does The King have what it takes to be a true triple threat?

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December 16, 2013Comments278 Views