LeBron James talks proposing

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LeBron James talks proposing

LeBron James may be living it up at the moment after finally grasping a NBA Championship with the Miami Heat, but he recent discussed an even more special moment in his life. BET reports James appeared on an episode of Oprah Winfrey's "Next Chapter" to talk about the more simple life he leads with fiance Savannah Brinson and their two sons.

According to the source, the basketball star, who is known for his ego and his love of hip hop clothes and high fashion off the court, got nervous when getting ready to propose to his longtime love. The duo has been together for 8 years and lives with sons LeBron Jr., 7, and Bryce, 5.

James decided the big proposal would be during a New Year's Eve party this past year where all of their friends and family would be able to watch.

"I was nervous. It felt like before a finals game," James told Oprah during the interview.

He enlisted the help of teammate Dwyane Wade to hold on to the $300,000 ring during the party, because he didn't want Brinson to bump against him and feel the ring in his pocket. James told Wade to find him shortly after the ball dropped.

"I asked him for it right after the ball dropped," James told Oprah, according to BET. "He was like, 'You ready?' I was like, 'If you don't give me this ring right now, I ain't gonna do it.'"

The rest is history, she of course said yes and though the two have yet to set a date, they are certainly enjoying their engagement. If the ring is anything like James' classic yet cool style, it's sure to be a winner.

British GQ recently spoke to the outlandish basketball star about his personal style and it ranges from Rocawear jeans to tailored suits and of course sweats. He admitted his style inspiration is a bit old school.

"I like the way like old Mafia mob bosses dressed up," James told the news outlet. "They did a great job of looking sharp in jackets and suits."

He added he likes to mix it up between casual outfits and suits, insisting he doesn't have one signature style.

"I can wear shorts and a tank, I can wear a three-piece suit or I can wear a shirt and slacks," James told the magazine. "I'm pretty flexible. It's all about confidence, man!"

Fans of James' style can recreate his look by rocking the Southpole Stripe Tank Top this summer.

July 6, 2012NewsComments266 Views