LeBron meets with the Dr.

November 20, 2012NewsComments647 Views
LeBron meets with the Dr.

Dr. Dre has struck gold with his headphones line, "Beats by Dr. Dre," and now it seems he's getting even more positive press. Freshness Magazine reports megastar LeBron James is the latest celebrity to endorse and work with the brand to create magic.

James has been a fan of the headphones since they first came out and he continues to be seen wearing them as he warms up before big games. Now, the basketball pro is lending his design tips to the brand in order to make some changes to the already successful headphones. Dre had previously teamed up with the pro to design special edition red and gold headphones with the number 23 etched on the side in his honor. The latest collection seems to have more influence by James.

No information on release dates or cost has been announced, though images of the headphones have been shown. The earpieces seem to follow the traditional shape of Beats, though they come in a more sleek all-white color scheme. The addition of a simple "L" and "J" on the sides are the only real reminder that James had a hand in creating the line.

Dre's line seems to be staying on top regardless of its celebrity endorsements. CNBC reports electronics are set to be among the biggest sellers this holiday season. James Brown, senior director of merchant accounts at a price comparison website believes products like headphones and smartphones are among the predicted popular presents this season.

"Accessory products like high-end headphones like Monster are popular. They give you a top level quality in sound at the $300 level," Brown told the news source.

"Electronic devices are going to charge up holiday sales this year," Sheri Bridges, faculty director of the Center for Retail Innovation at Wake Forest University added, according to the news outlet. "Aside from toys, electronic devices electrify consumers more than any other product category."

Are you into electronics or do you prefer other gifts like clothing or sneakers?

November 20, 2012NewsComments647 Views