Leela James: New Music, New Look, Same Soul

March 10, 2010NewsComments239 Views

By Souleo. Artists come and go but few are soul survivors.  Leela James intends on being one of those few.  After the release of her critically acclaimed debut album, A Change Is Gonna Come Leela has experienced the difficult business side of music, switched labels from Warner Brothers to Stax Records; all the while touring and releasing a sophomore album of covers, Let's Do It Again.  She now returns with the May 25th release of her new album entitled, My Soul.


For Leela focusing on the album meant getting her business and finances in order after she realized funds were being stolen from her by those within her team.


"People I've trusted took from me certain things and people took money.  So you definitely have to watch all your surroundings and the ones you think you can trust watch them as well," she advises.


The experience led Leela to make some positive changes in order to move forward with her career.


"I made some business changes since the debut.  I changed my management.  I feel like the business has always been half music and half bad business so you got to take control 'cause this is your livelihood."


Leela is confidently moving forward wiser and stronger than ever before as evidenced on her new single, "Tell Me You Love Me."  While the single has fans grooving the music video has them talking about rumors that Leela received a nose job; but Leela laughs off the gossip.


"Uh, I just say my nose is my nose.  I don't know where people get it.  I hear so much and I laugh that's all I can say.  I didn't even know that was out there but I laugh.  My nose is my nose," she said.


What has certainly changed is Leela's sexier but still classy image this time around, which is just another dimension of her multifaceted soul.


"I just think it's a different side than what people have seen.  It's always been there just not out there.  I do what I feel like and I don't care what people got to say so that's that."


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Check out the new video for "Tell Me You Love Me"


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March 10, 2010NewsComments239 Views