LHHATL's Joseline Allegedly Admits To Cheating On Stevie J With Drake

July 6, 2014NewsComments1528 Views

Wait…wait and WAIT! While we know that many would love to rush to judgement here…we sort of thinkJoseline‘s social media account might have been hacked. No…let us be honest…we are HOPING her social media account was attacked because this stuff here is trifling…even for her!

According to The Urban Daily, Stevie J told TMZ that Joseline cheated on him. However, the number of would be jump-off’s had not yet been confirmed by Stevie. Well, according to Vlad TV, those numbers are running kind of high!

Whispers have been floating around that Joseline has been creeping on Stevie and actually got herself pregnant by one of her side pieces. Actually the rumor is that she is pregnant by Rick Ross…but the pregnancy rumors have yet to be confirmed.

To read the full story and find out who Joseline who else allegedly creepin' with, go to TheUrbanDaily.com.

--The Urban Daily


July 6, 2014NewsComments1528 Views