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By Souleo. Few singers can blow like R&B star, Lil' Mo and luckily for fans she is set to return this year with a reminder of her talent that has delivered past hits such as "Superwoman Pt. II," and "4ever."  Her new album entitled Tattoos & Roses: The Rebellion Against My Pain, is her journey of self-reflection and commitment to living a new drama free life.  JimmyJazz.com caught up with the songbird to find out why she's been laying low, how her new marriage has reinvigorated her passion, living drama free, the status of her relationship with Ja Rule and more.


On why she's been out of the spotlight:

I was getting my business and life in order for the past seven years.  I had another baby and remarried.  I had to take a break and get refocused with my ministry.  This is the right time for everything.  This time is destined and ordained for me.

On the meaning and message of her album title:

We are rebelling against excuses, abuses and anything meant to destroy you.  If it's not your destiny and not meant to build you up it can't stay.  You can't entertain it no more.  If you don't change you'll be stuck in that position and you will die spiritual, mentally and emotionally.

On learning to watch those around her:

Me and my husband spoke today about how once you make it everybody thinks you can take them along.  You have to be careful who you have around 'cause half the stuff that leaks out is from people closest to you.  They try to tear you down 'cause they are not in that position.  I had a lot of those kinds of people around me.

On the status of her relationship with Ja Rule following the lawsuit:

I haven't spoken to him since then.  We realized his situation wasn't as lucrative as everybody thought.  People put on this show to think they're balling and flying in jets.  We never verbally addressed it but I got a message from a friend of mine that Ja Rule realizes it didn't have to get that way.  I heard that he was honestly apologetic.  I can't do nothing but respect that and wish him peace in life.  I'm pretty much over it.

On taking the blame for her trials and tribulations throughout life:

I would say that anything that has happened to me I have allowed.  I could have walked away from it but curiosity killed the cat and that's my fault.  Being too down to earth can cost you but it won't cost me no more.

On the joy of her new marriage:

It's going great.  Every marriage has its ins and outs, ups and downs but from my experience I now know how to work through them.  He taught me a lot and to be myself.  I told him I don't want to be Lil' Mo no more since it's not worth the stuff you have to go through.  He told me to get up from being lazy and said this is my time.  He is my biggest support system.  Between him, my mom and dad they won't let nothing get through the cracks.  I am truly happy now with everything I am going through.


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March 16, 2010NewsComments