Lil Scrappy Calls Nickelodeon Resort Racist

July 24, 2014NewsComments1050 Views

If you think Love and Hip Hop ATL star Lil Scrappy only turned up for TV, then you should check him out while he’s on vacation with his family. At a Nickelodeon resort in Orlando, Florida, Scrappy went nuts when he perceived one of the resort’s host to be racist after she failed to pick his 9-year old daughter Emani to play in the games or allow her to participate in the contests, according to TMZ.

“You need to pick my daughter. This is some racist *ss shit,” Scrappy yelled at the host, after she passed over Emani and, according to Scrappy, several Black kids. Scrappy was there with Emani and his mother Momma Dee, who (not surprisingly) backs up Scrappy’s claim.

A rep for the Nickelodeon resort says that they don’t discriminate on race, color, religion, sex or national origin. They add that participants must follow specific protocol and that Scrappy’s daughter did participate in the show.

--Kim Osorio



July 24, 2014NewsComments1050 Views