Lil Wayne drops D5, ready to retire

September 10, 2013Comments419 Views
Lil Wayne drops D5, ready to retire

The much anticipated "Dedication 5" mixtape has finally been dropped. Initially scheduled for an Aug. 30 release, Weezy was committed to making the fifth installment even better than the previous mixes. Vibe magazine pointed out that the rapper promised fans he would "work harder if it kills me" on any forthcoming albums. The news source noted that the mixtape brings back the old-school hip hop freestyling the Dedication series is known for. In one track, Weezy lays down his own rhymes over Kanye West's "New Slaves."

Vibe explained that despite Lil Wayne working hard on the mix, there has been a range of reviews for "Dedication 5." Unsurprisingly, all the effort is definitely taking a toll on Weezy's energy.

"I know I'll be able to retire at 35," the rapper told Katie Couric in an interview, "because I am so ready to retire now."

Still, he doesn't show any signs of stopping in the immediate future.

At the beginning of his latest mixtape, Weezy asks, "What does dedication mean to you?" So, what's your answer?

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September 10, 2013Comments419 Views