Lil Wayne schools Meek in skateboarding

September 20, 2013Comments194 Views
Lil Wayne schools Meek in skateboarding

When Lil Wayne isn't performing in the studio, you can bet he's on his skateboard - just look at his Instagram for proof. In fact, even while rapping live he's been known to switch nollie his way across the stage.

According to Complex magazine, the rapper recently encouraged Meek Mill to join him in a skateboarding session at Hit Factory Studios in Miami, and even gave him a few lessons. What was he rocking while he taught Meek how to slam the board? A black Trunkfit tee and a pair of psychedelic shorts. Wearing the original drip logo tee and radiant truk sweat shorts on your next skate session, you'll be channeling Lil Wayne's tenacity.

While it didn't take long for the Philly-bred rapper to become frustrated and bail, Weezy isn't giving up so easily. In fact, he's showing more dedication to the sport than ever.

"I need to skateboard. It's addictive and I'll never stop doing it, even with broken clavicles and stitches to show," he told Katie Couric in a recent interview.

If grinding isn't your thing, what sport are you addicted to?

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September 20, 2013Comments194 Views