LOL: Bad English

April 6, 2011NewsComments140 Views

By Souleo Admit it, we have all been guilty of butchering the English language from time to time. The subjects in the following videos are certainly guilty as they create their own phrases, veer off into nonsensical speech and struggle to get the right pronunciation of certain words. Who knew English could be this bad and downright funny?


This is hell

Calvin Tran of Bravo's "The Fashion Show," made a name for himself as one of the most outspoken characters even when he wasn't exactly clear. Skip to the 0:12 mark to see Calvin's invented phrase that packs the attitude of two snaps, an eye roll and a neck twist all in one line.


Uhm, say what?

Sometimes kids say the darnedest things even when you don't exactly understand a word they are saying. Skip to the 0:21 mark to see what I mean in this cute video.


If at first you don't succeed...

You try, try and try again. Then try once more. Well, that's what the man in this video does as he tries his best to pronounce certain English words. Watch the hilarity ensue.


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April 6, 2011NewsComments140 Views