LOL: Freaks of Nature

May 18, 2011NewsComments

Let's be honest we all get horny and by "we" I'm including animals in that as well. While humans are sometimes a little more discreet in satisfying their desires animals literally, let it all hang out. We've compiled some of the funniest videos of animals caught being freaks of nature.


Love is in the air

Pigs getting electrocuted while getting it on. Dolphins jumping out the water to dry hump. Enough said.


No hands needed

If you can't be with the one you love then you might as well please yourself. That must be the logic of this walrus that decides to pleasure himself in an incredible way.


Woof means no!

It looks like at least one participant in this act is certainly not happy.  Is this how married couples have sex?

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May 18, 2011NewsComments