LOL: I’m Too Sexy…

February 17, 2011NewsComments

By Souleo Okay, we've all taken some bad photos but the worst ones are when you try to be super sexy. Unfortunately not everyone can pull off a pout without looking constipated. So this week we are honoring those celebrities who really, really tried to take sexy pictures only to end up looking pretty darn silly.


Derek J.

Sometimes there is such a thing as trying too damn hard and Derek J. from the "Real Housewives of Atlanta," is giving too much in this shot. And those nipples are burring holes through that blouse and screaming squeeze me, squeeze me!


Courtney Love

Nothing oozes sex appeal more than a middle-aged woman who looks like she is passed out from a binge in a seedy motel. And what the hell kind of artistic dance movement is her leg trying to do across her knee? Martha Graham would not approve.


Taraji P. Henson

Oh girl, where the heck is your neck? Your shoulders are making your back look more built than a NFL quarterback and you got a dose of crazy in the eyes. This is not making love to the camera.


February 17, 2011NewsComments