LOL: If You Can’t Dance

March 3, 2011NewsComments195 Views

By Souleo There are some people who should never and I mean, never attempt to drop it like it's hot. Rihanna, Demi Moore and Thom Yorke you're on the list. Check it out below.


The inclusion of Rihanna in a "you can't dance" post should not be surprising since she's been dancing on stage with a case of lethargy all her career. She must be tired from singing and if you buy that, Madonna is the queen of soul.


Demi Moore loses her sexy

No you're not about to get "Punk'd" since this is actually a real video of Demi Moore dancing like she just had 10 drinks, an epilepsy attack, a contact high from Snoop Dogg and forgot that she was actually in public. Few things are so painfully embarrassing.


Thom Yorke Does Beyonce...'Nuff Said

Who would have ever thought that the lead singer of rock band, Radiohead would dance to Beyonce's "Single Ladies?" Well, the real question is who thinks that they can handle watching the crisis unfold without having a seizure from laughing so hard? Take a chance below.

March 3, 2011NewsComments195 Views