LOL: Mad as Hell!

January 6, 2011NewsComments149 Views

By Souleo We all get angry at times but it's how we channel that emotion that can often make for some rather sad or comical moments. This week we searched the web to find some of the more comical instances of pure anger. These folks are mad as hell and they are not going to take it anymore!


Angry Little Girl

Big things come in small packages and that goes for attitude too 'cause this girl has lots of it. Miss Thang is speaking like a grown woman as she expresses her frustration with her auntie. You gotta love the eye rolling, hands on hip, and Jamaican patois.


Flippin' Out

Okay we all know how rude it is to speak on a cell phone in the movie theatre, at the dinner table and of course in class. Yet this college student doesn't seem to get it and his professor ain't having it. Skip ahead to the 0:23 mark to see the professor's surprising reaction to his student talking in class on a flip phone.


You're on Candid Camera

Sometimes rage is scary and at other times it is hilarious. In this case it's actually both as you can almost see the veins pop out on this KFC employee's neck as he unleashes a long list of cuss words. Apparently dude does not like being in the spotlight.

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January 6, 2011NewsComments149 Views