LOL: Pay Attention, Fool

February 3, 2011NewsComments101 Views

By Souleo Admit it, you've been in the middle of doing something and out of nowhere BAM! Your butt hits the ground and your ego gets buried six feet under. Yep, we've all embarrassed ourselves falling down while engaged in some other activity. So this week we've rounded up the most hilarious examples from falling into a mall water fountain while texting to a painful collapse while singing on top of a table. Check it out.


A Wet Fall

Uhm, not everyone can text and drive and apparently not everyone can text and walk, either.


A High Note and Mighty Low Fall

Ouch! This is one fall that had to hurt. When mama said keep your legs off the table you should have listened, girl.


A Fall Down Drunk

Is the Breathalyzer test even necessary after watching this obviously drunk man fall repeatedly to the floor?


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February 3, 2011NewsComments101 Views