LOL: Showstoppers

June 22, 2011NewsComments

By Souleo When you go to a concert you're usually there to see the headliner. But sometimes in the middle of a show a fan manages to steal the entire spotlight with some random act of hilarity. Check out these showstoppers below.


Usher takes it to the head

Usher may have been giving this woman a seductive serenade but all she wanted was to knock boots as evidenced by a swift kick to the head.


Don't mess with Jenni Rivera

Jenni Rivera, Mexican-American singer is not the one. When a concertgoer threw a beer can at her she brought the woman on stage for a moment she is bound to never forget.


Britney Spears loses it

No, I'm not referring to her dance skills. I'm actually talking about losing it completely. The pop diva screamed like a mad woman when a fan sneaked his way onto the stage during her "Circus" tour. The best part is that you can't hear Britney scream since her microphone is off while she's supposed to be, ahem, singing.



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June 22, 2011NewsComments