LOL: TGI “Friday”

April 14, 2011Comments

If you need any more proof that talent is not a requirement for a hit song then look no further than Rebecca Black's "Friday."  The viral video is a social media sensation and has even hit the Billboard charts.  But not everyone enjoys it as the song has been rated the most disliked YouTube video of all time despite garnering over 100 million views.  To help ease the pain of the song's annoying nature we've compiled some of the funniest "Friday" parodies.


According to this spoof there is only one think to look forward to at the end of the week: being horny.


Stephen Colbert, Taylor Hicks and The Roots prove that it takes serious talent to poke fun of the seriously untalented.


What do you get when you mix two robotic looking guys, oversized cereal boxes and silly lines?  You get this ridiculous fun mess.


And here's the actual video which is pretty laughable on its own:

April 14, 2011Comments