LOL: Throwing Shade

June 1, 2011NewsComments104 Views

By Souleo In the gossip world sometimes there is nothing funnier than two egomaniacal stars going at it. One says something sly about the other and then bam we have a full out verbal war. In some cases the shade is subtle and in others you just know that rage is spilling over. Either way check out these clips of some of the funniest celeb disses.


Don't mess with Mariah

Mariah Carey really went in on this diss to Madonna. Gotta love Maria's cool diva shade here.

Pink gets red with rage


Pink was none too pleased with Kanye West's MTV debacle and she had no qualms expressing her honest view of him. It gets funny at 0:20.

No 9 lives here

UK pop singer, Cheryl Cole was recently replaced from her role as judge on the U.S. version of "X Factor." She is being replaced by Nicole Scher(whatever) from the Pussycat Dolls. But here is Cheryl throwing some unnecessary shade at Nicole back in the day. Meow!


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June 1, 2011NewsComments104 Views