LOL: Watch Yo Mouth

April 21, 2011NewsComments

By Souleo There are certain words you're not allowed to say on television but thankfully not every celebrity pays attention to such rules. This week we've compiled some of the most hilarious and unexpected videos of celebrities using dirty language.


Joan Rivers is one bad mama

It's usually a bad idea to insult a mother's child directly to her face. Well, one reporter learned this the hard way after he poked fun at Joan's daughter, Melissa Rivers. The result? See below.


Ozzy Osbourne could care less

So, your name is Justin Bieber and you're one of the world's biggest pop stars at the moment? Who cares? Well, Ozzy certainly doesn't as evidenced in this clip.


Helen Mirren is full of...

Uhm, the title of this entry says it all.

April 21, 2011NewsComments