LOL: You Said What?

March 31, 2011NewsComments

By Souleo Sometimes you're taken aback at what people say. You have to dig the wax out of your eyes, clear your throat and lean in asking yourself, did that person really just say that? Well, this week I've rounded up some of the funniest moments involving Charlie Sheen's rants, an expression gone wrong and one preacher's use of the F-word that will have you hitting the rewind option.


Tiger Blood, Winning and Warlocks

Uhm, if you can make sense out of this Charlie Sheen clip then you're WINNING!



For the love of (shrimp) head

Okay, perhaps my mind is in the gutter but cook, Paula Deen took me there with her passionate and enthusiastic display of love for shrimps on Bravo's "Top Chef."



What the..?

One preacher is encouraging his congregation to use the F-word in this hilarious clip. Skip to the :55 mark. It's not what you think.


March 31, 2011NewsComments