Looks Like a Hip Hop Museum is Coming to the Bronx

March 18, 2014Comments
Looks Like a Hip Hop Museum is Coming to the Bronx

You listen to hip hop everyday - but you might not really know the significance it holds. That could all change in the near future, as plans were recently announced to open a museum dedicated to the music form right in the Bronx.

According to XXL magazine, the Universal Hip Hop Museum would explore the history behind how this genre came to be as well as how its impacted other realms, all using interactive technology. Afrika Bambaataa, who is sometimes referred to as the godfather of hip hop and who will serve as the museum's chairman, explained that many people have misconceptions about this type of music.

"When they say hip hop, they only say it's the rapper, and there's a whole culture and movement behind it," he explained, as quoted by the magazine.

The president of the proposed museum, Rocky Bucano, is hoping it will open by 2017. Though he didn't say who, he admitted that the project already has support from some major hip hop legends. Meanwhile, XXL noted that Craig Wilson, co-founder of the National Museum of Hip-Hop, also wants to open another museum in Harlem.

So the question is, if it opens, will you check it out?

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March 18, 2014Comments