Lyfe Jennings Reflects on Lessons Learned

June 30, 2010Comments138 Views

By Souleo. Not every artist can build a reputation as a conscious artist, face a serious scandal and criminal investigation that calls his image into question and return more focused, humbled and wiser than ever before.  That is because not every artist is soul singer-songwriter, Lyfe Jennings.  After a custody battle with his ex that ended with him in handcuffs and facing jail, Lyfe has learned a few lessons that he says has made him a better father.


"When the situation jumped off it was because the lady was trying not to let me see my kids.  I had a terrible childhood with my parents and it scared me in thinking that I couldn't partake in that with my children.  So I learned that I have to think more because the right think can't happen if you don't do it the right way.  So now all my decisions are based on the future so that I can have one with my children," he said.


Lyfe's new outlook finds him aiming to bring back values of family, love and communication on his forthcoming release, I Still Believe.


"People are carried away with this technology stuff but I still believe in old-fashioned stuff.  I believe in taking care of grandma and not sending her to a nursing home when she took care of you your whole life.  Those values build character because you got to give up something to gain something.  So I still believe that values work."


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June 30, 2010Comments138 Views