Macy Gray: Uncommon Style

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By Souleo. Identifying those who possess good sense of style is a subjective task bound to create debate.  One of music's most debatable cases would be recording artist, Macy Gray.  There are those who love her '60's inspired fashion choices, penchant for throwing on the eccentric accessory and dramatic hair.  Then there are those who simply don't.  Either way it hasn't stopped Macy from turning heads whenever she's on the red carpet thanks to the singular force of her individuality; and Macy wouldn't have it any other way.

"I didn't know I had a sense of style until someone said I did.  You just like what you like.  At one point I got talked into dressing up a little bit and wearing my hair different but I'm still into my old hippie s*** and still love my afro.  My daughter wears Forever 21 and H&M and looks adorable but I'd never put on half that stuff," she said.

So what are the essentials that creates Macy's unique look?  Read on for her top 3 style must-haves.


Style Must-Haves:


Be kissable:

Definitely lip gloss because your lips talk for you, kiss for you and it's important.  I use MAC.


Forget about heels:

Definitely some really great sneakers since as girls we get pressure to wear heels.  So it's important to throw on sneakers and have your feet feel good.  Right now I'm a Vans freak with 13 pairs.  I have these suede ones and I just brought some green ones too.


Before leggings there were pants:

I wear a lot of pants and I'm big on the cut of my pants.  I get most of my pants made though.  I do love vintage pants.  They are beautiful and have the best cuts from the '60's and '70's for a girl's shape.  It is slimming from the hip down and got flare at the bottom.  They make legs look gorgeous, long and thin.  I don't know why they make it anymore.



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Check out the new single, "Beauty in the world," from her upcoming release, The Sellout:

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May 25, 2010Comments