Madden 13: The end of productivity?

August 29, 2012StyleComments
Madden 13: The end of productivity?

Madden NFL 13 hit stores nationwide on August 28 and sports enthusiasts everywhere have been discussing the popular video game. Hypebeast reports the game has something for everyone and is compatible with all next generation consoles. The trailer itself is a work of art with mega stars like Megatron, Gronk, Cam Newton and Ray Rice making appearances set to heart-pumping and adrenaline-rushing music that is sure to get fans psyched up to sit down and play.

BleacherReport.com reports this year's Madden is one of the best and offers fans a chance to pick up numerous players and options that are exciting and unpredictable. Among the fan favorites this season is second year quarterback Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers who is sure to light up the TV screens in Madden as he rushes for 706 yards and 14 touchdowns in the 2011 season.

The New Orleans Saints will likely be used for their offense as they pretty much have it all, the news source reports. From a stellar QB in Drew Brees to fast running backs like Darren Sproles and serious targets in Marques Colston and Lance Moore, the Saints should be fine - even without a stable head coach. That likely won't affect players using the team in the virtual world.

Another team set to battle hard on the virtual playing field is the New England Patriots. The news source reports the Patriots are stacked with a solid running back in the small, yet deadly Danny Woodhead. However, if you're into a running team, the Pats aren't your guys - instead they go for size and short yet quick break aways with guys like Gronkowski, Welker and Hernandez.

What players or teams are you looking to pick up for Madden 13?

August 29, 2012StyleComments