Magic Johnson supports gay son

April 8, 2013NewsComments786 Views
Magic Johnson supports gay son

Famed basketball legend Magic Johnson is no stranger to controversial headlines. Johnson very publicly announced he was HIV positive during a press conference in Los Angeles Nov. 7, 1991, ESPN reports. The news shocked his fans and other players within the NBA, but the announcement also sparked a new approach to how people looked at the virus. Johnson became a poster child for AIDS - educating people from around the nation on the virus and how anyone can get it. 

Now, it seems his son, Earvin Johnson III, is becoming a leader in his own right. TMZ reported recently that Earvin is openly gay, and his father backs him 100 percent. The former basketball star recently discussed his love for his son and his understanding of the struggles Earvin will likely face in his life with the news outlet. 

Johnson touched on the subject of religion and how he feels his son may be subject to some hostility or hatred among people who don't believe homosexuality is the right way of life. Johnson hopes Earvin will be able to turn the negative into a positive, telling TMZ, "I don't care who's attacking my son, I'm going to still support him and still love him ..."

On another note, Johnson also believes Earvin's honesty may encourage other African American youth to feel comfortable about coming out themselves. 

"I think this going to be good for a lot of young, black people who want to come out," Johnson told TMZ. "[Earvin's] going to be that symbol. I told EJ, 'This is going to be bigger than you,' we can't see it now. You can't see your impact, but you're going to have [one].'"

Do you think Earvin's announcement and Johnson's support of his son will have a positive impact on other teens or young adults trying to come out?

April 8, 2013NewsComments786 Views