Malibu Rum, Sean Paul and Estelle Kick-Off Summer

June 22, 2010NewsComments

By Souleo. The flames of summer were ignited last night by the heatwave of celebrities as they gathered for the first day of summer party hosted by Malibu Rum.  Performers Estelle and Sean Paul were joined by "Gossip Girl" star Jessica Szohr, soul singer Melanie Fiona, singer Alexis Houston (Whitney Houston's sister), rising Atlantic Records artist, Donnis and more.  The night featured thirst quenching and party-starting Malibu Rum drinks, an orange carpet representing one of this season's main colors, white canopied tents flowing in the breeze, the summery tunes of Estelle and Sean Paul, and one of the best views in all of New York City from the Tribeca Rooftop. tweeted the event live but now it's time to share what we didn't tweet last night.  We caught up with the stars to get their must-have looks for the summer season, their favorite summer pastimes and most memorable summer experiences.  Forget spring 'cause summer is officially in the air.

Sean Paul's favorite summer pastime:

I love going to parties in Jamaica.  I don't get a lot of trouble there and that's one thing that's great to me about living at home.  They are used to me after 15 years so it's not like I can't do this or that.  I get to relax.

Estelle's summer fashion tip and most memorable summer:

As far as tips I would say just be comfortable.  I'm a big advocator of wearing after flip flops after hours in heels walking on cobblestones.

My most memorable summer was my first time in Miami.  I left with a sun burn that lasted for a year.

Jessica Szohr's summer look:

I'm into the cropped jean jackets with the cut sleeves or quarter length sleeves and bright colored dresses.

Melanie Fiona's summer look and favorite summer memory:

I love hats.  They are great because I do the beach and my gets messy.  I also love big wooden tribal accessories.  They go good with a dress or jeans.

My favorite summer memory is having my first boyfriend.  It was good to be out of school and try to keep in touch however we could.  I would go to the corner store just to see if he was there and meet up with him.  So summer for me always feels like a loving and happy time.

Alexis Houston's most memorable summer:

Spending time with my family on a small island in the Bahamas.  I come from a family that is always travelling and it's seldom to be together at once.  So it was good to be together with Whitney [Houston], my nieces and cousins and college friends.

Donnis' summer look:

I'm a very simple Polo guy.  I guess it's the Atlanta thing.  I also need some boat shoes and a Fredrik Samuelsson summer windbreaker jacket.

Dennis L.A. White's most memorable summer:

My favorite summer memory is from three or four years ago at P. Diddy's all white party in the Hamptons.  I had no ticket but I snuck in, walked the carpet and got twisted that night.  A few years later and I'm in "Notorious."

Panama's favorite summer pastime:

I like to travel on vacation and enjoy the sun and beach.  I don't go too crazy but that's my thing.


June 22, 2010NewsComments