Mario Winans: Journeys along Love’s Highway

March 23, 2010NewsComments

By Souleo. Mario Winans has been lying low for the past few years holed away in the studio producing for the likes of Diddy, Keyshia Cole and others.  Now he is set to return as a solo artist with the forthcoming album release Love's Highway. Making the record forced Mario to reflect on his own love journey which he shares with JimmyJazz.com


Mario recounted a tumultuous relationship which he considers to be one of his main bumps along the highway to love that he's had to overcome.


"I was very vulnerable in a new state and didn't know a lot of people.  I fell in love with a girl and I believe she loved me too.  Whatever she was doing was bringing pain to me and I soon realized I was caught in a situation with someone who loved me but with a ceiling.  Her wants and urges came before my heart and I couldn't really break out easily," he revealed.


Finally Mario did break free of the relationship and in doing so he created one of his breakout hits, "Emotional," for Carl Thomas which featured Faith Evans.


"In 'Emotional' the line: What's a man to do when he can't take no more/What I am I to do when my heart beats me to the door is from that relationship.  I was stuck 'cause of where my mindset was," he said.


Mario's mindset is now in a completely different state and it's one of contentment.


"I'm happily married now and in the best place.  I fall in love with my wife every second of the day.  We have a beautiful family and I'm excited about it."


Such happiness doesn't mean that he won't deliver the emotionally charged love songs he's known for as evidenced on the album's buzz single, "Here Comes the Pain."  The track is signature Mario but it's good to know that he's no longer living the tales of heartbreak he sings so effortlessly.


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Check out Mario's "Here Comes the Pain"

March 23, 2010NewsComments